Inflatable axis (gas rose axis) production workshop-Workshop


Inflatable axis (gas rose axis) production workshop

Inflatable axis (gas rose axis) production workshop


Inflatable axis (gas rose axis) characteristics
Gassing axis 1: inflatable operation time is short, and the separation of paper tube and placed just 3 seconds can inflate and deflate, also do not need points to make the side of the shaft end any parts that can closely with paper tube.
2: paper tube placement is simple: to inflated and deflated, movable and fixed tube in any one place on the surface of the shaft.
3: the weight capacity is large, can according to the actual needs of customers, to determine the size of the diameter of axle, hard and use high strength steel, bearing the weight increase.
4: high economic efficiency: the design of the shaft for special functions, for thick and thin, wide and narrow all kinds of paper tube can all applications.
5: simple maintenance, long use time: inflatable shaft for the single parts, each part of the construction is fixed rules ?

Inflatable axis (gas rose axis) function
Gassing axis a, widely used: as an independent design of parts, from 1 inch - 12 inches, length size are actual need to determine by the customer, every article points the rewinding coating and laminating bag printing and paper work for equipment or other relevant central coiling machine, gassing axis can apply our factory.
Second, economic efficiency: the design of the shaft to the actual work needs to be designed, volumes of width and so on various types of thickness can apply.
Three, long using time, maintenance is simple: although inflatable axis is one of the mechanical parts, but its structure of each of the specifications of the parts is fixed, all can be used interchangeably, convenient maintenance. I plant strict in inflatable axis of each parts quality, absolute guarantee product quality.
Four, the single parts: ? gassing axis

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